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eHits has its finger on the pulse of e-commerce. What's why winning companies come to eHits for their e-business solutions. And that's why eHits was selected by the US Government Small Business Administration (SBA) to develop e-commerce and marketing workshops.

Ready for success?

We're looking for positive energy clients with a vision, a strong will to be a the top, and a winning product or service, guided by a strong management

team, and a marcom budget in the range of $35k to $75k per month.
eHits is not accepting new clients at this time.

Premium Domain Sales

World Class Domains...

You want a domain that will set you on a level playing field with the major players. A domain with serious oomph, where the Internet will accept you and respect you, literally overnight. A world-class domain that will make you king of the jungle.

New Levels

To succeed with the big boys, like Google and Facebook, you need a domain with some real teeth. With greatness. One thatŐs brandable. And short, easy to type, and memorable. eHits has perfect domains for launching your world-class search engine or the next big social network.

World-Class Premium Domains can typically be acquired in the 6 and 7 figure price range. Other high quality domain begin in the 5 figure price range.

Contact us to request a current list of available domains.

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The world of business moves at lightning fast speed.

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